Photo of me Welcome to my personal website. I'm a MSc. student in Management of Information Technology at the University of Nottingham and a soon to be Graduate Technical Consultant at Server Centre Hosting Ltd.

This site serves as primarily as a blog for me to offload information and progress relating to my current projects which currently consists of my dissertation. However I have plans in the near future to get involved with an open source project, probably one which uses the .Net Framework

The intention being that the site can maybe one day be used as a knowledge base to help others attempting or involved with similar projects. I hope to also get involved with some wider ranging fun personal projects, such as hardware hacking, Nottingham has what looks to be a a great hardware hacking community at Nottinghack. So keep checking in the following months if you're interested in such things.

I hope you find the site useful and entertaining, if you would like to contact me about the content or would like to work together in the future then I'm more than happy for you to send me a message through the contact page.